Investor Relations

  • News Releases
    Provides news releases, sorted by year and other categories
  • Financial Highlights
    Provides changes in major financial indicators
  • IR Calendar
    Provides schedules on financial results
  • IR Library
    Provides Financial Reports (summarized versions), presentations of financial results, semi-annual reports and other IR materials
  • Disclosure Policy
    Provide basic Policy, system and silent period of information disclosure, etc.
  • Cash Distributions
    Provides cash distributions (results and forecasts) and changes in cash distributions to date.
  • General Meetings of Unitholders
    Provides notifications, etc. regarding convocations and resolutions at NUD's general meetings of unitholders
  • Information for Unitholders
    Provides information on procedures regarding the investment units and investment risks, etc.
  • Analyst Coverage
    The following table shows a list of analysts that provide recommendations or comments on the business results of the Investment Corporation.
  • FAQ
    Provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding NUD
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