Features of NUD

1. Comprehensive Support from NTT UD, the only general real estate company within the NTT Group

  • Abundant track record of development and pipelines for office buildings.
  • Operating capability in real estate rental business.
  • Fund-raising capability based on high credibility.

2. Compound Portfolio with Office Buildings and Residential Properties as Main Investment Targets

  • Mitigates the impact of economic fluctuations by combining asset types that have low correlation to each other in terms of market rent fluctuations.
  • Diversifies the tenant base into different types such as corporations and individuals.

3. Portfolio Focused in the Tokyo Economic Bloc

  • Focused investment in Greater Tokyo, which enjoys an established economic base due to a high concentration of population and industry.
  • Partially expands the target investment area to Major Regional Cities (strengthening ties with NTT UD).
(NOTE1) The figures on above portfolio ratio are calculated as of April 30, 2024.
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