Coordination with Sponsor

Collaboration with NTT Urban Development
– Comprehensive Support from NTT Urban Development, the sponsor –

Since May 2010, when NTT Urban Development (NTTUD) participated as its sponsor, NUD has received a broad range of support from NTTUD, including such pipeline support services as supply and information provision of new properties, as well as support for leasing activities and provision of property management operations.

Collaboration with NTT Urban Development

Results of Property Acquisitions through NTTUD's Pipelines

Since NTTUD participated as its sponsor, NUD has continuously implemented property acquisitions through NTTUD.

(as of April 30, 2024)

Total acquisition price since
May 2010:
 236.7 billion yen

NTT Urban Development:  85.0%
Other sponsors:  7.6%
Other:  7.4%
■ Major properties NUD has acquired through NTTUD's pipeline support

Property Name Granpark
Location 3-4-1 and 3-4-2 Shibaura, Minato Ward, Tokyo

Property Name Urbannet Ikebukuro Building
Location 3-16-3 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima Ward, Tokyo

Property Name UDX Special Purpose Company Preferred Securities (Akihabara UDX)
Location 4-14-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Property Name Shinagawa Season Terrace
Location 1-2-70 Konan, Minato Ward, Tokyo

Property Name Tokyo Opera City Building
Location 3-20-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

Multi-faceted Collaboration with the companies of NTT Group

NUD has achieved steady growth and sound financial operations by implementing multi-faceted business collaboration with NTTUD, the sponsor, and various NTT Group companies, as shown below.

Multi-faceted Collaboration with the companies of NTT Group

(Note) NTT Urban Development has concluded an “Agreement on Information Provision” (the “Pipeline Agreement”) with NTT Urban Development Asset Management Corporation for provision of property information and right of first negotiation, etc.

Ratio of NTT Group Companies as Tenants of NUD's Office Buildings

Utilizing its relationship with the NTT Group, NUD works to increase the ratio of the Group's companies as tenants of its properties. By doing so, NUD aims to achieve stable management of its portfolio.

(as of April 30, 2024)

NTT Group companies:  30.5%
Others:  69.5%

Ratio of NTT US Group Companies as Consignee of Property Management Services for NUD's Office Buildings

In an effort to maintain and enhance the value of its portfolio, NUD consigns property management services to NTTUD and NTT Urban Value Support, Inc. in a concentrated manner. By doing so, NUD enjoys efficient and high-quality management services.

(as of April 30, 2024)

Total leasable space: 227,088 ㎡

Consigned to the NTT US Group:  82.6%
Consigned to others:  17.4%
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