Major Tenants

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(as of April 30, 2021)

NTT Group Companies

Tenant Leased Space (m2) Ratio(%) Property Name
1 NTT FACILITIES, INC. 10,671.06m2 4.0% Urban Ace Higobashi Building and others
2 DOCOMO CS, Inc. 10,525.37m2 3.9% Urbannet Ikebukuro Building
3 NTT BUSINESS ASSOCIE EAST Co., Ltd. 7,488.86m2 2.8% Urbannet Omori Building
4 Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd. 6,872.77m2 2.6% Rokubancho Building
5 SoftBank Corp. 6,293.31m2 2.4% Sphere Tower Tennozu
6 NTT FINANCE CORPORATION 6,082.85m2 2.3% Urbannet Ikebukuro Building and others
7 NTT DATA Corporation 5,871.07m2 2.2% Urbannet Mita Building
8 NTT LEARNING SYSTEMS CORPORATION 4,801.06m2 1.8% Urbannet Azabu Building
9 FIELDS CORPORATION 3,106.54m2 1.2% KN Shibuya No.3
10 NTT Communications Corporation 3,029.14m2 1.1% Granpark and others
(Note1) "Leased space" indicates only the space leased as offices, etc., and does not include the space leased as warehouses or parking lots, etc. The figure does not include the space of residential properties leased to the relevant tenants, either.
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