Message to Our Unitholders

On behalf of the Investment Corporation, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the loyal patronage of our unitholders.

Since its establishment in May 2002, the Investment Corporation has steadily expanded its asset size for approximately 19 years under the corporate name of Premier Investment Corporation, while enjoying strong support from our unitholders and stakeholders. Now, I am pleased to inform you that, effective today (April 1, 2021), the corporate name is changed to NTT UD REIT Investment Corporation.

As for Premier REIT Advisors Co., Ltd. (“PRA”), to which the Investment Corporation has consigned its asset management since inception, has merged with NTT Urban Development Asset Management Corporation (“UDAM”), an asset management company belonging to the NTT Group, effective today, with UDAM succeeding the asset management agreement with the Investment Corporation.

The new corporate name should clearly demonstrate to investors inside and outside Japan that the Investment Corporation is a REIT sponsored by NTT Urban Development Corporation (“NTT UD”), and that we can utilize the capabilities for development and information collection, etc. possessed by the NTT UD Group. We also believe that, as the asset management of the Investment Corporation is succeeded by UDAM, which has a stronger organization and staff as well as reinforced management know-how after the merger, unitholder value should be further enhanced over the medium to long term.

And please accept my greetings as I (Yuichi Kato) have taken the office of Director of UDAM as well as the office of Executive Director of the Investment Corporation as of today, following my service as Director of PRA since July 2019.
By concurrently serving as a board member of these two organizations, we try to be in closer communication with each other.

Looking ahead, we at PIC will continue our utmost efforts to meet the expectations of our unitholders by realizing steady growth of the investment assets and stable earnings over the medium to long term in line with the growth strategy of the NTT Group. We appreciate and request your continued support and encouragement.

April 1, 2021

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NTT UD REIT Investment Corporation
Executive Director
Yuichi Kato
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